“How to Double Your Greens Intake Without Forcing Yourself to Eat Celery Sticks, Boring Salads or Sweet Green Smoothies”

By Roger Haeske


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Dear Struggling Raw Foodist,

"Do You Have an URGENT Craving for Cooked Food At Dinnertime?"

"Are You Constantly Forcing Yourself with Willpower to Stay Raw?"

"Do You End Up Cheating With Your Favorite Cooked Foods and Later Get Mad At Yourself and Think You're A Loser? Has this Vicious Cycle Happened to You More Than 5 Times?

"Do You Doubt Your Own Ability to Go 100% Raw & Stay Raw?"

"Are You Starting to Believe that Maybe you're Not Physically Capable of Being a Raw Foodist?

Do You Think Your Body has "Devolved" (Due to the Cooked Diet You & Your Parents Ate) to Where You Can't Possibly Maintain a 100% Raw Diet Longterm?


From: Roger Haeske
"The 48-Year-Old Teenager"
South of Bullhead City
Tuesday, 3:29 p.m.

If you can answer yes to many of the above questions you're not alone. In fact, for about 5 years I used to answer YES to each and every one of them.

I used to struggle mightily with trying to stay on a 100% Raw Food Diet made up only of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

One of the biggest problems I had was that at dinnertime I wanted something savory and filling to eat. I needed something healthy and raw to balance out the sweetness from eating fruit during the day.

"Something that reminded  me of cooked food."

Soon enough I came to the conclusion (not the right conclusion) that the only way to get that feeling was to actually eat cooked food?

I figured if I wanted the health, happiness, energy, fitness and anti-aging benefits of the Raw Food Diet (I was going to have to sacrifice flavor.)

I basically (thought I had to give up food.) Or at least anything that had any kind of decent flavor. It really felt as if I was giving up eating -- which happens to be one of my favorite things to do.

In short, I thought I'd never be satisfied with the flavor and texture of food the way I was in my cooked food days.

I believed I was going to have to SACRIFICE taste and quite frankly the happiness and joy of eating, if I wanted the benefits of going 100% raw.

I Failed At Least 30 Different Times In Trying To Go 100% Raw

In my early days of trying and failing at staying 100% raw (at least 30 times I might add) I didn't have any hearty and filling raw dinner time meal recipes.

I didn't have anything that reminded me of my favorite cooked foods. Something that would really hit the spot and satisfy my cooked food cravings and at the same time be healthy, quick and easy to prepare.

I had no idea how to make such raw food recipes. A couple of years later I learned about some "Gourmet Raw" or high-fat raw recipes from a fancy-smancy raw chef in San Francisco, that took about an hour or longer to prepare.

I'm talking about having to make dehydrated crackers loaded with fat and salt. "Gourmet Raw" recipes with 20 different ingredients in them and often having to refer to other "full recipes" on different pages to add to the current recipe.

Heck... it was so complicated I hardly made any recipes and just gave up. Back to the drawing board again.

All of this time, effort and unhealthy "raw food" just to satisfy my cravings for cooked food

Listen carefully... if you've found this website you probably know that a "High Fat" Raw Food Diet or any high fat diet can lead to many severe health problems. One of the most common problems that many raw foodists get is candida.

Here's the story, candida albicans is an epidemic amongst raw foodists. I can't tell you how many raw foodsits I've met or coached who had it. It's shocking but I know why it's happening because I got a severe case of it myself.

Here's the great news candida overgrowth is not caused by eating fruit -- even if you eat TONS of fruit daily.

In most cases, this can always be traced back to eating the "Hollywood Raw" or "Atkins Raw" kind of super high fat Raw Food Diet. A diet which shuns our ideal food fruit and yet people are still getting candida like crazy.

The problem is not eating fruit but eating fruit and combining it with a high fat diet. Or even just eating a super high fat diet with little or no fruit - regularly causes candida outbreaks.


For Example: My girlfriend Karmyn actually got a raging case of candida several years ago while on a super high fat and almost no carb Atkins Diet. Yet she was in ketosis daily (ketosis can't happen if you eat even moderate levels of carbohydrates or sugar) which means she barely got any carbs at all and yet she still had a bad case of candida.

That is a recipe for disaster and yet most raw foodists have no idea that they're even eating a high fat raw diet nor that the excess fat in their bloodstream is actually blocking the ability of insulin to do it's job in delivering sugar to the cells quickly.

"The Universal Problem Every New Raw Foodist Experiences"

I've found the same exact problem with virtually every single one of my Raw Food Coaching clients and I've had hundreds of them over the past 7 years.

Back in 2003, I created and lead meetings for the Raw Health and Happiness Society Support Group in NYC every Monday night. I did lots of telephone consultations and advised hundreds of students via my coaching website HowToGoRaw.com.

At every raw food meeting, talk or event I've ever gone to and with virtually everyone I coach (at least 99% of them if not 100%) they usually say they don't have a problem staying raw during the daytime, but when dinnertime hits -- for some strange reason they really start craving cooked food.

For most of these struggling raw foodists they can manage to stay raw for a few days, a week or maybe even a month or more, but if they don't get the dinnertime cooked food cravings to go away, eventually they'll give in and eat cooked food.

Then they'll really be mad at themselves and feel like complete failures because they have tried to go 100% raw at least 5 times or more and they always end up going back to eating cooked food.

I've had students who went 100% raw for up to six months and then just went right back to cooked food.

Their problem almost always was that they were trying to stay raw with willpower only. They didn't love what they were eating. And so eventually they went back to cooked food to fill in the void in their lives.


Audio Testimonial

Naren Wadvana

Hi Roger,

Naren here, I just wanted to make this audio as a way of thanking you wholeheartedly for sharing your Veggie Stew recipe with me. Before, before I learned it one of the biggest problem I had with the raw diet was having to eat tons of vegetables on a daily basis. And so what I would do is try to make these massive salads everyday, because I knew I had to get calories in. I would add nuts and seeds and sauces just so they would taste good.

The problem was they didn’t taste good. Even if I was adding all of these different things, the quantity I had to eat was just crazy so I could get the number of calories I needed. And so what I was doing is eating this out of willpower, not because I really, really enjoyed it. And after a while I gave up because I thought, you know, food is all about enjoying life---I mean the fast food I really enjoyed, and when I got your recipe I was kind of taken back by the claims you made because I didn’t really believe them.

How can you get simple vegetables and blend them together, you know tomatoes. I can even remember the first time I made it and followed through your recipe after getting it. Put the tomatoes in, put the cucumbers in, put the celery in, I was like, you know, this stuff tastes really bland by itself, I mean how is it going to taste amazing?

Really skeptical even as I made it, and I thought, you know what, I’m probably going to be asking for a refund real soon because this isn’t going to taste good.

And when I had the first spoonful, Roger, I was taken back! Seriously, um, no lies it was amazing to taste and I didn’t even make the best one.

I remember it was kind of runny, and I didn’t really use the best vegetables, um, some of them were kind of almost on the verge of being out of date and but I was just kind of so so eager to make it because I just bought the recipe.

And now of course I use organic stuff and I use different kinds of vegetables, I have my own ways of changing the recipe, but even that first time I tried it it was so amazing so I just wanted to thank you for sharing an amazing recipe that has really changed my life.

It’s given me something that tastes so amazing, and just changed the way, the way I view raw food. It tastes so good, I know I keep saying that, but listen you have really changed my life, you have helped me find a way of eating that is so beneficial.

And you know, just life in a bowl, is what your stews are to me.

So thank you again Roger. Take it easy.

Naren Wadvana

Hi Roger,

I'm not the type of person to usually leave feedback or critique anything but I have to for this product. I've been hearing about these stews for over 2 years now and thought they were too much money to invest in and just another gimmick. But I kept hearing all these good things about them so I finally took the plunge.

Going into the purchase, I didn't think I would like them, I thought they would be just another raw food recipe with too many ingredients that tasted bad or was an acquired taste, but I had to try it anyway.....because you just never know!

I paid for and downloaded all the recipes then made the Pizza one, following the recipe to the T! I.....was......completely........stunned! I took a spoon full from the blender to taste it, preparing myself for the worst but instead I was rewarded with something that tasted great!

I couldn't believe that that one simple secret ingredient made the stew taste.....incredible. It's so simple that it seems silly to call it a secret ingredient, but that is exactly what it is.

I am so glad I bought the program and feel I have absolutely full value for my money. I invest monthly in RRSPs and I see this as an investment for my body that will generate dividends in my health for the rest of my life.

I haven't been able to try any of the other recipes because this one is so damn good! And I'm only using an average blender not the Vitamix....imagine what it will taste like when I get a Vitamix!

Plus you keep giving me new and improved recipes for what seems like every week......sooooo worth the money! If you can't tell already, I am very happy I bought this product!


Today is my 5-month anniversary of eating raw! I've been doing quite well, actually, but with the weather getting colder here in the Midwest, I was concerned about my stick-to-it-iveness. I was also getting a little bored with what I was eating.

I found this site, purchased the recipes, and tonight jumped in with both feet and made Curry Zucchini Stew. I love it! It was so very filling, and I had been missing the curry flavor so it definitely hit the spot.

I can definitely see that making these stews in all their various forms will keep me eating raw.

Thank you!

Darlinda Alexander

Hi Roger,

Your Savory Stew recipes were excellent. I have been 100% raw for 3 months with the exception of a 6 day period 2 weeks ago, when my blood test results were all out of whack.

I overeacted and used as an excuse to cave in to my cooked food cravings for 6 days. I gained 12 pounds in 2 days just from the sodium retention. I was getting tired of just eating a huge salad every evening.

Presently I am hooked on your Basic Savory Salad. Keep up the great work.


Mark Lewin



AngieGreat to have learnt this tasty little secret.

You can use whatever's in the fridge so long as you have the basic stew and it makes everything taste so delicious. I go mad on the toppings with everything from finely chopped broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, corn, peas, sweet potato ....

It looks so colourful topped with nasturtium flowers that also give it a nice peppery bite.

These stews have become a staple daily meal and made my second attempt at 100% raw far easier.

It's so simple but I never would have thought to do that. Salads just got boring after a while and Im not into time consuming gourmetstuff - so this is perfect - thanks Roger. I love 'em.


Even More Customer Experiences with Savory Veggie Stews

I love the stew idea & recipes; they are so satisfying - exactly, what I've been needing to be healthy & raw. I started going the gourmet route - soaking/ dehyrdrating /grinding /processing - but still didn't feel satisfied or right & knew that I wanted to eat more simple foods. So thanks a lot - worth the price for a lifetime of good eating.

Lisa Lee


Hi Roger,

I have included the stew now in my lifestyle. Its so simple to make, so tasty to eat and so much valuable to keep me grounded on the 811 rv lifestyle. It packs in so much nutrients. I love spinach and I love the stew. Wooooo Hoooooooooooo




I made the SVS again last night... this time I actually had cucumbers in stock, so I made it "right." It was wonderful. My wife just loved it. Definitely filling, and healthy. Digestion seemed like a snap. I LOVE it, and I'm a convert...

Sonny Rains

I tried the Tex Mex veggie stew recipe and it was excellent!!!! So fulfilling and tasty! I am very happy I purchased this! Thanks again!

Evelyn Steel 

I ordered your savory stews and just got around to making my first. Fantastic idea and delicious...I made mine spicy w/ curry, chives and jalapeno.....my taste buds are buzzing. Thanks again for the great ideas which will most surely help me on my raw, healthy food transition. Have a great one!

John Molloy, NYC

Hey, thank you so much for the savory veggie stew.. I have just embarked on the raw food journey two weeks ago, after 1 week I found frederic to help me out with the fat-problem I was already creating after that week, and then I after three days struggling for an evening dish, I find you!! Wow, I think my soul wants me on a raw food diet and heal so I can do what I came to do here :) So, again, thank you!!! :).

Leonie Maene

I have made the stew twice and found it very filling and satisfying and a
welcome change from smothies and salads.


Peter Alport

I loved the pizza variation..thanks!

Lee Travis

"Ask Yourself This Magic Question"

If you really loved and adored all of the raw food you ate wouldn't it be pretty easy to stay 100% raw?

If your dinnertime meals really hit the spot and left you feeling satisfied, what need would you have to eat cooked food? You could just forget about cooked food and eat delicious raw foods.

And what if you found a way to make thick, hearty, quick, delicious, satiating and low-fat meals in less than 10-minutes.

Wouldn't this be the ultimate solution to wanting to stay raw of your own free will? Without having to constantly struggle and force yourself to stay raw.

Shucks, if I didn't love my food -- I highly doubt I'd still be 100% raw after 8 years.

I'm a foodie type of person. I love to eat delicious and hearty foods. I love going out to all sorts of restaurants.

Yet we rarely go out to even raw food restaurants these days. After experimenting with several raw food restaurants my girlfriend Karmyn has realized that she prefers eating my recipes at home than the high fat stuff we had been getting at a variety of raw food restaurants in New York and New Jersey.

We went out and ate a number of raw restaurants. But afterward she kept on coming back to the same conclusion, "I'd much rather stay home and eat your recipes Roger."

Karmyn actually preferred how my recipes tasted and felt great after eating them.

This was from a person who didn't eat that much in the way of greens beforehand. It's kind of tough to do when you're trying to only eat mono-meals of greens.

To me that's just WAY TOO BORING. Just sitting there and trying to make a meal out of a head of celery doesn't exactly scream excitement to my taste buds.

Karmyn has at least doubled her intake of greens. And she did it because she loved the flavor of my "Top Secret Cooked Food Addiction Busting Recipe" not because she was forcing herself to eat her greens.


 Hi Roger!

I absolutely L-O-V-E your Savory Veggie Stews! I have been making the basic recipe for the past couple of weeks and have thus consumed more raw veggies than I ever have in my entire life!

Although I've been a vegetarian for 28 years, and dabbled with the raw foods diet for a couple of those years, I confess that I still never really liked veggies very much.

I would drink fresh veggie juice but never cared much for salads.

Well, I am amazed at how much I am now enjoying the fresh taste, smell and feel of beautiful red peppers, cucumbers and other luscious fresh produce. One pepper or cucumber used to last several days, and now I am going thru them daily!

I'm not yet 100% raw, but getting much closer, since I added the savory veggie stews! My hubby is starting to eat them with me also. (He's about 95% vegetarian, has been for 25 years.)

Thank you so much for sharing this valuable info! It was well worth the price!! I've been sending your link to all my veggie friends, including a couple of leaders in the raw foods movement.

Monica Leal

The great news is you don't have to give up dinnertime cooked food flavor when you learn the secrets I've discovered in over 10 years of experimentation with my "Savory Veggie Stews - Idiot-Proof Recipe System."

Another raw foodist friend of mine (wishes to keep her name anonymous so as not to hurt a friend of hers) made a point to tell me on two different occasions that her absolute all time favorite raw food recipe was my Savory Veggie Stew.

While other raw recipes tasted good initially (from Raw Restaurants and Raw Potlucks) -- she never felt very good after eating them. And quite frankly she "preferred" the TASTE of Savory Veggie Stew over any other raw recipe she had ever tried.

But after eating Savory Veggie Stews she feels perfectly fine and energetic. No more of that bloated and lack of energy feeling after eating a high-fat gourmet raw type of recipe.

And of course, there's just tons of flavor and kick to Savory Veggie Stews.

These aren't your typical and might I add "boring" Natural Hygiene type of recipes.

While I don't recommend the use of "salt or garlic" I do recommend using many other tasty herbs, spices and seasonings to really help you get the most amazing flavors imaginable.

Many thousands of people fail to stay raw because they're trying to eat so simply and yet they're not yet ready for eating mono meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Why end up quitting the Raw Food Diet by trying to be perfect (then going back to the dreaded Standard American Diet SAD) when you can get all of the miraculous benefits of eating 100% raw plus triple the flavor and excitement at dinnertime?

SVS Fancy
Fancy Shmancy Presentation of Savory Veggie Stew by Karmyn Malone

Heck sometimes I make Savory Veggie Stews for lunch as well. You're not limited to only eating them at dinner. They are quick to make after all -- typical one takes me 7 to 8 minutes including chopping the toppings.

Let me tell you about all of the incredible things you're going to get in my "Savory Veggie Stews - Idiot-Proof Recipe System."

Here's What You Get

Savory Veggie Stews - Cover Small"How to Make Savory Veggie Stews" 27-Minute Video
(In downloadable WMV File Format for Windows Media Player.)

In this 27-minute step-by-step video guide, I give you the keys to the kingdom in terms of exciting taste and mouth watering flavor in under 10-minutes. Please realize that making Savory Veggie Stews once you've got the recipe down only takes about 5 minutes.

The toppings themselves may take you an extra 2 to 4-minutes depending on how fast you can chop and how much in the way of toppings you want to add.

In the video I demonstrate the tool I use to chop veggies up in about half the time it used to take me just using a knife and cutting board.

The video took longer than 7 minutes because I was verbally explaining in detail all of the fine distinctions needed to make Savory Veggie Stews stand out and ZING. Without this knowledge you're just making boring blended salads not my thick, hearty, exciting and low-fat "Savory Veggie Stews."


 Hi Roger,

I purchased your stew (etc) recipes which I have been enjoying (they're great!).

Thanks again for the great info-- I like the video on how to make it as I learn so much from seeing someone prepare it. 

Take care,

My first goal when I'm making recipes for myself is delicious taste and texture. My girlfriend Karmyn mentioned to me that before meeting me she made several versions of "blended salads" before from a very popular raw recipe book but that they came out tasting bitter and disgusting.

That's because those recipes were not optimized for taste.

They were likely just thrown together with no one actually eating them. That's what happens with the majority of raw recipe books out there. I won't stand for that nonsense.

Do you think you can just throw any veggies together and that it will taste amazingly good? No friggin way, it's just not happening. You've got to know what you're doing.

I've been experimenting with these for over 10-years.

Curry Zuchini
Curry Zucchini - Savory Veggie Stew

With my Savory Veggie Stew recipes it's stuff I eat every day. I sometimes make up to 5 Savory Veggie Stews in a single day. That's how much I adore them.

You'll never again have hear your mother screaming at you to "EAT YOUR VEGGIES." Because you'll be craving them like you won't believe with Savory Veggie Stews.

If you use the wrong greens it can really make the recipe taste like absolute DOGGIE DOO. Forget about using kale, collard greens and bitter greens, you won't be doing that here (unless that is how you personally like it - unlimited custom options possible when I show you how to do the SVS variations).

No More Boring Natural Hygiene Recipes

And forget about traditional and boring Natural Hygiene recipes that have very little flavor because they're afraid to use any good herbs and spices. Just about everyone in the Natural Hygiene movement is so afraid of using spices.

Come on for God's sake "why don't ya'll live a little."

In my experience with newbie raw foodists it makes it much too difficult for them to stay raw by eliminating spices. They're so used to the super stimulation of cooked food that going raw and having no excitement in their food quickly bores them to tears.

Why People Fail To Stay Raw Longterm

Is it any reason so many people fail at staying 100% raw. They're trying to live up to a perfect health standard that took some super health nut 5 to 20 years to develop on his own. It's 10-times easier to stay raw if you're excited by the food you eat every single day and if it's healthy food to boot.

NO - NO - NO... My main goal was flavor and something I loved so much that it made me FORGET about that stuff I used to call food that most people cook.

Cooked food isn't food to me anymore it's "cooked matter" or "poison food."

You are going to experience a breakthrough of flavor.

Savory Veggie Stew with Dulse
Savory Veggie Stew with Dulse

The only thing I limit in my recipes is the use of salt and garlic because I believe they are the most damaging of all of the condiments. Though salt and garlic are certainly options you can use if you're still addicted to them.

It's MUCH - MUCH better to stay 100% raw and use some salt and garlic as opposed to being on a cooked diet but having given up salt and garlic. I ate salt the first 6 months of being 100% raw before I weaned myself off of it.

And no I don't care if it's Sea Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Dead Sea Scrolls Salt or what have you, they are all a highly corrosive poison to the human system.

The best way to get the sodium we need is through organic (in this case "organic" means -- from plant sources like tomatoes, celery and spinach) sources of sodium which are prominent ingredients in my luscious Savory Veggie Stews.

Even Veggie Haters Loved My Savory Veggie Stew

When I filmed the video I did it at my friend Ryan's house. Luckily we also had an experienced cameraman (also a raw foodist but one who doesn't like greens very much) to shoot me in the video.

The funny thing was that afterwards Joey the cameraman came up to me and told me that while filming he thought he wasn't going to like the Savory Veggie Stews. He just couldn't imagine that it would taste good. But he was surprised and really liked it.

Turns out my friend Ryan really liked it as well. He liked it so much that later on when our other raw buddy Rama came over, we made another batch for him "and ourselves of course" to see if he would like it.

Rama went ape over the Savory Veggie Stew and we made at least 2 more batches after that because these guys couldn't get enough of them.

Personally, I believe Savory Veggie Stews are going to be the next big sensation in the Raw Food Movement.

Why do I think this is so?

1. They taste out of this world good. (For many people this will be the permanent DEATH OF COOKED FOOD ADDICTION.)

2. They make most people DOUBLE their intake of vitamin, mineral, fiber, phytonutrient, antioxidant rich and longevity enhancing greens. Getting plenty of greens is vital to longterm success on the Raw Food Diet. Most raw foodist simply don't come close to eating enough greens for ideal health, youthfullness and to fend off cooked food cravings.

Most people "double their intake" of greens without even thinking about it. All they want is more Savory Veggie Stew. I know it doubled my greens intake and I already ate a lot of greens. Even my girlfriend Karmyn at the very least doubled if not tripled her intake of greens since I introduced her to Savory Veggie Stews.

Now she calls me her "Raw Crack Dealer" because that's how addictive Savory Veggie Stews are when made with my easy to follow instructions.

3. Eating more greens is great for getting your pH levels up really high which means you'll be less likely to get cancer and many other dreaded diseases.

4. These recipes are super quick and easy to make. Can be made by anyone in under 10-minutes.

5. Savory Veggie Stews are "low-fat" and include no overtly fatty foods whatsoever. You can of course, chop in avocado as a topping if you wish but I never do so myself.

Savory Split Pea Stew
Savory Split Pea - Savory Veggie Stew

They are low in fat and quite low in calories overall and yet are highly satisfying to the cooked food addict. This is perfect for people trying to succeed on "Low-Fat" raw diets but have been struggling because they've been bored with their food.

Ebook Case - GreenBasic Savory Veggie Stew Recipe Guide and Hundreds of Variations: in PDF Format

This is the written companion guide to the video. It includes even more details than the video. You'll get my standard recipe for Savory Veggie Stews. But you'll also learn how to make variations giving you the ability to create well over 100 unique recipes of Savory Veggie Stew to give you plenty of variety.

I don't actually give you hundreds of recipes what I do give you are all sorts of different ingredients you can use to create multiple variations. With each change of ingredient you've created a new recipe. In reality you might be able to make well over 1,000 delicious variations of SVS.


CD CaseMP3 Audio Version of Above Written Guide with Many Added Tips: Length 23 Minutes

In this audio I read to you the "Basic Savory Veggie Stew Recipe Guide from above but I also throw in several extra tips throughout the audio to help you master SVS preparation as quickly as possible.

You can listen to this while you're in the kitchen and preparing your own Savory Veggie Stews. No need to look through a book when you can conveniently listen and learn.

How Much Will Your Life Change When You're 100% Raw -- Healthy, Happy, Slim, Energetic, Looking & Feeling 20 Years Younger and Not Even Thinking of Cooked Food Anymore?

I made my first Savory Veggie Stew back in 1996. Yet back then it wasn't Savory Veggie Stew yet. It was a simple blended salad.

Even back then I loved the way it tasted and started making blended salads very often. But the thing is... (they weren't Savory Veggie Stews yet.)

Over the last 13 years I've made over 10,000 batches of blended salads and at least 1,000 different variations.

Over time I accidentally discovered how to make blended salads just POP with flavor and texture. That's when they morphed from plain old blended salads into Savory Veggie Stews (SVS).

"I never would've thought to use your secret ingredient in a million years"

Hi Roger!

I got the Savory Veggie Stews program a few weeks ago. I was in a 5-week accelerated learning program and living in a dorm. I went raw cold-turkey at the beginning of the program, and ate the raw veggies from the cafeteria salad bar, fruits & raw nuts. I wasn't allowed to have a blender there, but I had been wondering how I was going to transition back to regular life & stay raw. SVS came to me with perfect timing.

Now that the program is over & I'm back on my own, I've made SVS twice. Even my non-vegan partner enjoyed it (I had to make a cucumber-free version for her; she detests them.). Tonight, I made one w/ cucs & a couple extras (like mushrooms). It was SUPER easy to make.

Anyway,I wrote to tell you that you're a freaking genius.
 I never would've thought to use your secret ingredient in a million years, & I'm a pretty creative person.

Attached is a pic of tonight's SVS. I used mixed greens, so it came out kind of dark, but it still tastes great.

I'm sure now that I'll have no problem staying raw during my busy college life (I'm in engineering school.) with the help of SVS.

Thanks for an awesome product,

Grace Thompson


"I have had my vita-mix for 15 years and have NEVER used the low 1-2-3 speed - what a differance that makes!"



I am soooooooooooooooo happy to have found you!!! I have a garden full of fresh veggies up here in Vermont --asparagus, swiss chard, lettuce, kale, cukes, summer squash, zuke, tomatoes, beets, chives, parsley, cilantro, mint, blueberries, raspberries, blackraspberries all for the picking !!! Everything is ripe and I did your chunky stew this morning and WE LOVE IT!!! ME CELLS ARE SCREAMING WITH LIFE TODAY! I also made your chunky blueberry for breakfast. I could not open up your dvd so I just read your recipes closely and followed it step by step.

I have had my vita-mix for 15 years and have NEVER used the low 1-2-3 speed - what a differance that makes!

Thanks for your note on the raw junk food--I WAS a big laro bar fan--and you are right-they did nothing for me- I did not feel alive afterwards like I do now.

thanks again and keep that shirt off

Sheila A. Myotte

If each SVS took me on average 7 minutes to make that is 11,667 hours of trial, error and experimentation.

One of my super flavor enhancing discoveries was completely accidental. I just tried something because I was too lazy. I think I discovered it around 2003 or 2004. At least 7 years after I made my first blended salad.

Do you want to experiment for 7 or possibly more years and hope you accidentally discover the secret as well?

That accidental experiment led me to one of the most important secrets for making Savory Veggie Stews POP with exciting flavor. Something I never would have thought to do consciously.

From the day of that discovery and forward my SVS's jumped to a higher plane of flavor. As a result I started making much more of these and eating more greens than ever before.

NOTE: I was already eating a lot of greens compared to most raw foodists I knew. But this discovery made these Stews so amazingly good -- I could hardly stop myself from eating them until I exploded.

I mean I eat from 3 to 5 of these huge suckers every single night. That's about a gallon of stew. Or a gallon of nutritious greens and veggies every day.

What an exciting way way to get your greens. I promise you, you've never tasted any raw salad that tastes anything like Savory Veggie Stew.

What is Your Time Worth to You?

Let's conservatively say your time is worth $20.00 an hour. And lets say you needed at least 1,000 hours (If you even managed to figure out accidentally the secrets that makes the stews just POP in your mouth with flavor) to figure out how to make Savory Veggie Stews almost the way I make them.

That would have cost you $20,000 to figure out the most delicious, quick, thick, hearty and low-fat way to permanently beat COOKED FOOD CRAVINGS.

Of course, I'm not going to charge you $20,000 or even anywhere near that amount to discover my Savory Veggie Stews secrets.

But I'm not giving this away either.

This was hard won information that nobody else I know of has. Information that will make it "easy as pie" for you to stay raw and thrive on the 100% Raw Food Diet.

So I'm not giving this away for a few bucks.

But you can get all of my secrets in video, audio and written formats plus be able to ask me questions if you still don't get it -- for a very reasonable price.

No it's not going to be $500.00, though I certainly could charge this amount and still get lots of customers.

It's not even going to be $250.00 or even $100.00. At least not yet.

For a very limited time I'm giving away all of Savory Veggie Stews secrets for only $97.

That's less cost than a half hour telephone consultation with me and yet you get 13 years of my distilled recipe wisdom which you can watch, listen to and read as often as you like.

And you even get a 15-minute telephone consultation with me on top of that to make sure you really get it.

This is as low a price as I'll ever give these raw taste sensation secrets away for. So don't dilly dally, the price can go up at any time.

Don't think I'm serious?

I've increased the price of my Lightning Speed Fitness Program at least 7 times. As I add more information and as it gets more valuable I increase the price even more.

In this case, I think the current price is already ridiculously cheap considering how much it will improve your life to go raw without struggle or willpower and just LOVE IT.

And yes I do plan to be adding more and more info to the SVS Recipe Guide over the coming months and years.

But if you get in now, you get lifetime access to any updates.

So don't dilly dally a second longer. This will be one of your most powerful weapons in fighting that most nasty of MONSTERS - the "dreaded" COOKED FOOD ADDICTION.

This is why most people fail on the Raw Food Diet. Their perverted cooked food taste buds can't enjoy the simple pleasures of mono meals of celery.

It's just way too boring.

We need a little stimulation of the taste buds. Something that sings with flavor and excitement. Savory Veggie Stews and my other absolute top favorite -- Recipes Bonuses will make you into a CONNOISSEUR of raw foods.

And when you love it, you'll eat it and soon enough you'll forget about cooked food. "Cooked Matter" will be like a distant memory -- an insult to yourself for ever having eaten it.

You'll wonder "like me" why you even liked that cooked crapola before.

Then the longer you're raw the more incredibly sensitive your taste buds will become. You'll start developing what I call "Gourmet Taste Buds" and then, even the simplest of raw foods will taste amazing to you.

When you get to that point there'll simply be no reason or any desire whatsoever to eat that crappy cooked stuff you used to call food. Who can imagine wanting to poison themselves daily with that friggin crapola.

I don't want that friggin poison in my system anymore.


Just to satisfy my taste buds?

I don't need that because at every meal I have a taste explosion going on and it's all with 100% healthy raw foods.

This is the point I want to get you to.

This is the point you will get to when you start devouring Savory Veggie Stews every night.

Claim Your Copy of Savory Veggie Stews while you still have some time to before your health totally falls apart.

Here's A Quick Review Of The System - Plus Some Sweet Surprises

"Savory Veggie Stews - Idiot-Proof Recipe System"
The Cooked Food Cravings Crusher


Savory Veggie Stews - Case Small "How to Make Savory Veggie Stews" Video (In Windows .WMV File Format) $300.00

"Savory Veggie Stew Recipe Guide and Hundreds of Variations" (In PDF Format) $100.00 

CD Case

MP3 Audio Version of Above Written Guide with Many Added Tips: $100.00


Total Value for The "System" Including The
"Fast Action" Bonuses Described Below = $840.00

I know I've been telling you how hearty and delicious Savory Veggie Stews are but I've got a few other tempting tricks up my sleeve when it comes to making raw recipes that crush cooked food cravings.

You're going to flip when you try these out.

I was talking with my girlfriend Karmyn the other day "if beginning raw foodists knew all of my tasty, quick and simple raw food recipes they'd soon realize it's darn easy to stay 100% raw."

She totally agreed. My recipes have made it much easier for her to stay 100%raw. Now she just doesn't crave cooked food like she used to.

No more back and forth between raw and cooked for her.

Now she's more than happy to be 100% raw -- because she loves what she eats every single day. When you hang with me you soon realize that eating raw is the best way to eat on all fronts -- including taste.

Our 4-course dinner tonight was just magnificent. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd definitely give it at least a 9.5.

Life can't get much better than this... lip smakin flavor and all of the other amazing health, energy, anti-aging and weight loss benefits that only a Raw Food Diet can provide.

A little knowledge goes a long way in life. Why not share in the secrets that took me over 10 years to figure out. This is truly the easiest way to go raw.

Just wait 'till you try these... I've only included recipes that my raw family and I really love. If it didn't wow us, I didn't include it as a bonus in the system.

Savory Veggie Stew "International Recipes": $25.00Ebook Case - Green

  • "Curry Zucchini" 
  • "Indian Stew" 
  • "Italian Stew" 
  • "Tex-Mex Stew" (Karmyn's favorite) 
  • "Sweet & Spicy Thai Stew" 
  • "Savory 'Split Pea' Stew" 

Don't you just love ethnic food? I always loved experimenting with different ethnic foods. My absolute favorite is Thai Food. I also love Indian Food. With these variations of Savory Veggie Stew you'll get that extra variety that makes the spice of life.

Curry Zuchini
Curry Zucchini - Savory Veggie Stew

Bonus Dinner Recipes (perfect for those who want something more substantial after eating SVS) - $25.00Ebook Cover - Yellow

  • Sweet & Spicy Thai Noodles (I just had this tonight - friggin amazing) 
  • Rico Rolls (Rico means delicious in Spanish - I just think they're outstanding) 
  • Roger's Secret -- Spicy "Low-Fat" Seed Pâté (75% less fat than regular pâtés) 
  • Spicy "Low-Fat" Nori Rolls 
  • Colorful Corn Salad 
  • No-No Nori Rolls 

Rico Rolls
Rico Rolls

Thai Food Lovers - You Can Still Eat It Raw

Sweet and Spicy Thai Noodles
Sweet and Spicy Thai Noodles - 1

If you love Thai Food but thought you wouldn't be able to eat it on a Raw Food Diet -- then think again. This "Sweet & Spicy Thai Noodles is an out of this world treat.

These days Karmyn tends to make it for us once a week. Initially I taught her how to make raw Thai Food with a couple of recipes. This is a slight variation on my recipe that's sweet and savory.

Sweet and Spicy Thai Noodles White
Sweet and Spicy Thai Noodles - 2

Honestly, this recipe is not one of the ten minute or less variety. It's going to take more like 30 to 45 minutes to prepare but it's a zesty change of pace and something you may want to make anywhere from once a week to once a month.

On my own I was too lazy to make it often but Karmyn likes to spoil me and her son Andrew A.K.A. No-No Boy.

My Secret Recipe for Low-Fat (75% Fat Reduction) Seed Pâtés

When I first learned how to make raw nut and seed pâtés I was ecstatic. I made them really hot and spicy and they reminded me of Thai Food.

I ate them every night and really ate a ton of it every night. I'm sure some nights I ate over 2,000 calories of these high fat nut and seed pâtés.

After a month of eating this way I broke out with rashes all over my body. Turns out it was candida. So that was the end of me making raw nut pâtés for many years. But then I figured out a way to make raw nut or seed pâtés that were 75% lower in fat grams than the way I used to make them.

If you love raw nut and seed pâtés but they don't love you back (due to the high fat content) then this will be the secret recipe you've been wanting but didn't know existed.

Bonus Appetizer/ Second Course Recipes - $25.00Ebook Cover - Blue

  • "Mango Tomato Salsa" 
  • "Sexy Gazpacho" 
  • "South Of The Border Gazpacho" 
  • "Mango Tomato SALAD" 

Karmyn came up with these recipes. The "Sexy Gazpacho" is just amazing. I could eat that every night and never get bored.

We even gave some to our "cooked" and "rotund" handy man buddy (he's a really nice guy) and he loved it and asked Karmyn for the recipe. You don't have to be raw to go GA-GA over these recipes.

Mango Tomato Salsa
Mango Tomato Salsa


TIP: Start making and mastering these recipes WAY before you decide to go 100% raw. Have at your ready at least 3 to 5 dinnertime raw recipes that you really love before you even consider trying to go 100% raw. 

With the "Savory Veggie Stews - Idiotproof Recipe System" and these truly Amazing Recipe Bonuses -- you'll easily be able to master 5 mouth-watering and flavor popping raw recipes inside of a week or two weeks maximum.

The next time you try going 100% raw it will be so much easier because at the very least you'll be loving all of the food you eat.

Makes it very easy to forget about cooked food when you love how your raw food tastes but even better love how you feel afterwards.

Cooked food is only interesting while it's in your mouth, once it gets past the mouth the misery begins.

Now listen up -- that's not the case with raw foods.

I witness this every time I go out to a cooked food restaurant with friends. While they eat cooked I eat only raw foods. After the meal "they ALWAYS" are barely moving, while I'm full of energy and raring to go.

I could go jogging (and have done in NYC several times after my raw dinner to make an appointment or event on time) while they can barely walk.

Bonus Daytime Meal and Dessert Recipes - $25.00Ebook Cover - Blue

  • "Roger's Favorite: Blueberry, Cherry Chunk Smoothie" (I eat this every single day) 
  • "Raw Oatmeal" (You'd be surprised how much this tastes like and has the "stick to your ribs" consistency of oatmeal - yet quicker to make and raw vegan) 
  • "Better Than Grandma's Peach Cobbler" 
  • "Coco-Mango Banana Sorbet" (Simply Awesome) 
  • "Thai Coconut Banana Sorbet" 
  • "Cherry Banana Sorbet" 
  • Mango Lassi (What a delicious drink. Karmyn's going to make me some right now. I can't wait.) 

Roger's Favorite Smoothie
Roger's Favorite Blueberry Cherry Chunk Smoothie

Coco Mango Sorbet
Coco-Mango Sorbet

Cherry Banana Sorbet
Cherry Banana Sorbet

Thai Coconut Banana Sorbet
Thai Coconut Banana Sorbet

Karmyn came up with these sorbets. I'm not kidding -- they are incredible. They're as good as ice cream yet without the guilt.

Much better than what you'd typically think of a sorbet. She's got a special secret that makes them kick buttocks in flavor.

15-minute Raw Food Preparation Telephone or Email Consultation with Roger Haeske - $50.00

If you still can't quite figure out how to make these recipes work for you, then you can ask me questions via email or get a 15-minute telephone consultation where I'll help you make your recipes sing with flavor.

Sometimes it's just one little thing you're doing wrong that makes all of the difference in the world. I want you to succeed no matter what.

We need as many successful raw foodists in this world as possible to help spread this life saving message. That's why I'm offering this extra bonus.

If even with all of the video, audio and written instructions you still don't get it, I'll be there to hold your hand and take you step-by-step to raw success.

Cheat Sheet: My Top 11 Secrets for Making Mouthwatering "Savory Veggie Stews." - $25.00

Ebook Case - Green1. Importance of the Order of Adding Ingredients

2. Secret # 1 for Wicked Flavor

3. Secret # 2 for Wicked Flavor - This is the one I discovered by accident around 2003 or 2004.

4. Proper Blending Technique to Create the Best Texture - Applies to All Blenders

5. List of Raw Thickening Ingredients

6. By Far the Best "Green" to Use for creamy flavor and consistency in your Savory Veggie Stews.


  Resource Guide for -- Savory Veggie Stews - $15.00

Ebook Cover - Yellow1. Where to get tropical or hard to find ingredients. (NOTE: Most ingredients you can find in supermarkets across the USA and Canada)

2. Where to get the best raw honey I ever tasted. (Been eating honey almost daily since childhood and have tried many varieties. This is the KING.)

3. Where to get a truly raw "Agave Nectar" (Just because they say it's raw doesn't mean it normally is. Absolutley no corn syrup added. They have extensive lab reports and tests proving they're organic and truly raw. And they invite you to get a sample of their Agave tested yourself.)

4. Best source for "Discounted - Organic and Raw Seaweed and Raw Nori Rolls.

5. The best, most powerful and lowest cost blender you can get.

6. My second favorite kitchen tool that I use for chopping things quickly. I use it every single day.

Free "Savory Veggie Stews" LIFETIME UPDATES: - $100.00

This would include anything I add to the program including future videos, teleconferences or my latest Savory Veggie Stews Recipe Variations. Even if you got in early at the super discount price you'll still get lifetime updates.


CD Case - BlueThe Easy Way to Go 100% Raw and Stick To It - $25.00

Teleconference in Downloadable MP3 Audio - 1 hour and 26 minutes

This was an information packed "live" teleseminar I recently did with the last 26 minutes being a Question & Answer Session. It got lots of rave reviews by the people who attended and then later filled out the listener survey. Unless you were on the call, this is the only way to get access to this telesminar.

In it, I revealed many of my top psychological and dietary secrets for making it super easy to go 100% raw and enjoy staying that way. Combine this knowledge with daily use of Savory Veggie Stews and you'll find it easier than every to stay 100% raw.


CD Case - BlueWays I Failed at Going 100% Raw for 5 Years - $25 

MP3 Audio - Length 49:35

For some reason one of my top two emails in terms of regularly getting thanks from people is one entitled "Ways I Failed at Going 100% Raw."

I think people maybe thought I didn't struggle in trying to go 100% raw. As if it were natural and easy for me. Well nothing could be further from the truth.

Yet if I knew then what I know now, going raw would have been super easy.

So I decided to make an audio recording which goes into more depth on my numerous mistakes in trying to go and stay 100% raw.

Of course... I also give the solutions to those problems I had.

This will be an invaluable resource for you if you have been struggling with the Raw Food Diet and thought you were the only one.


Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

45-Day Money Back GuaranteeI GUARANTEE You'll Find at Least 5 Recipes That You Absolutely Adore... And They'll Be So Amazingly Delicious That They'll Permanently Quench Your Dinnertime Cooked Food Cravings... Or... I'll Quietly and Promptly Refund Your Money! No Questions Asked!

I know of course that no one single recipe can please all taste buds. Yet with all of the bonus recipes (remember I've only used our absolute favorites) I've included and the hundreds of variations of Savory Veggie Stew that can be created... that you'll find and master at least 5 dinnertime recipes you love as much as your "previous" favorite cooked food.

You have a full 45-days to try out the recipes and see for yourself why you'll start forgetting what you thought was so great about cooked food. If anytime in the 45-days you feel Savory Veggie Stews isn't for you... just send me an email at... support ( at ) superbeing ( dot ) com and I'll give you a prompt refund.

Key to Success with Savory Veggie Stews

The KEY to SUCCESS is this -- Whenever you crave cooked food simply make one of your favorite recipes from the Savory Veggie Stews - Idiot-Proof Recipe System and your cooked food craving will be satisfied for the night. Most of the recipes can be made in under 10 minutes and are easy even for people who hate to UN-COOK.

Just keep on repeating this technique for 30-days and you'll start to realize that you think less and less about cooked food... and you're so happy and grateful to be eating 100% raw and yet you still love your food -- even though it isn't cooked anymore.

Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

NOTE: I've had to blank out some of what was written in these forum posts because they give away some of my top secrets for making Savory Veggie Stews. The basic Savory Veggie Stews recipe was initially made available (without the bonuses or even the audio) only to members of my raw food coaching and support website HowToGoRaw.com.

I just tried with (blank). I didn't soak them or anything.
I just put in a bunch and I didn't blend them completely,
so you could still chew them. I really liked that. Adding
a (blank) really does the trick, like you say. Everything
taste better with something (blank), it seems.

It's so neat to just throw in a bunch of stuff in the
Vita-Mix and, there you go. Smile
Erik Hägersjö

This was pretty neat Roger! Really enjoyed the video. I don't have a vitamix yet so I have to add water ...so it makes more of a soup than a salad...but I will definitely try to experiment with this. It will make a change from green smoothies. I am practically addicted to them now!

By the way, is fresh ginger o.k.? I have a recipe that uses apple and ginger with greens that I really like.

Thanks again Roger! Keep them coming! I really enjoy and learn from the videos. Besides...you are so nice to look at! As a matter of fact you don't look a day older than my 27 year old son!

Have an awesome day!


NOTE from Roger: Jacqueline keep in mind I made my first Savory Veggie Stews with a regular blender and never needed to add water. You just push down with a stalk of celery or a carrot in the opening at the top of most blenders. It acts exactly like the tamper in a Vitamix.



Roger, I had finally tried out your "Savory Veggie Stew" awhile back & I loved it! It was very good, much better than the first time I tried to make one. These directions made it more clear for me. Thanks. I think the trick, like you said, is not to (blank, blank, blank) some texture.

Very Happy


Get Savory Veggie Stews Today 

Yes Roger, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To The "Savory Veggie Stews - Idiot-Proof Recipe System"

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Savory Veggie Stews - Cover

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Savory Veggie Stews

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Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Remember your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You have a full 45-days to experience your new Raw Food Life minus cooked food cravings with Savory Veggie Stews.


 Another Very Satisfied Savory Veggie Stews Lover

"your SVS was truly a breakthrough for me."

 After several years of 'messing around' with raw (good results & bad), your SVS was truly a breakthrough for me.

I love my green smoothies & fruit, and even raw veggies & salads. Greens were a problem.

I was on a constant quest for the perfect dip or dressing to make munching all those veggies easier. I did not like green soups or blended salads. Too much 'faux-this & mock-that' made me sick because of all the fat.

I often craved a non-sweet, chewable, satisfying meal.

BINGO! You did it!

I love the SVS base and have had fun trying different variations. My favorite, so far, is to just sprinkle some frozen organic yellow corn on top with my other crunchies. I'm finally getting my quota of greens.

I don't feel deprived of a 'real meal' any more.

Thank you!

Mariel Crook



Savory Veggie Stews - Cover Lrg







If you have any questions about "Savory Veggie Stews" or customer support issues please feel free to email us at support ( at ) superbeing ( dot ) com. We'll be glad to assist you as soon as possible. 




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